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Working with LEAF

What is LEAF?

Linking Environment And Farming is a global charity which develops and promotes more sustainable farming. LEAF inspires farmers, teachers and communities to deliver positive action on climate change.

Getting younger people closer to their food

LEAF Education specialises in teaching young people about farming, food and the countryside. The team work across all ages and curriculum subjects, helping teachers to educate students in science, maths, literacy, cooking, nutrition and enterprise using a dynamic, real-world context.

Meet our farmers

This series of short farmer videos are mini case studies illustrating how farmers are producing food for Sainsbury’s sustainably.

Meet our farmers

Sainsbury’s and LEAF

Sainsbury’s is a patron of LEAF Education and sponsors many of its educational initiatives.

LEAF Open Farm Sunday

LEAF Open Farm Sunday is British farming’s annual open day in June, as well as virtual events throughout the year.

See farming in action

These unique farm visits give you an opportunity to see where food comes from.

Discover the story behind our food

Find out what farmers are doing for climate change and the environment, and how farming affects our everyday lives.

Learn new things every time

Each LEAF Open Farm Sunday is different, with activities such as tractor and trailer rides, demonstrations, machinery displays, nature walks and much more.

Farmer Time

Farmer Time engages students by connecting classrooms with farms through FaceTime or Skype. Students can ask questions, share knowledge, discuss ideas and gain a real-time understanding of the issues that farmers face every day.

This initiative is having a huge positive impact, and helps young people to understand the journey from farm to fork, and the diverse and ever-changing agricultural industry.

Over 650 schools have been paired with farms, which means over 16,000 children in the UK are learning where their food comes from, direct from farmers.

Learn more about Farmer Time

Look for the LEAF Marque

The LEAF Marque is awarded to farms that deliver significant environmental achievements against LEAF’s rigorous standards of sustainable farming practices.

Look for the LEAF Marque logo