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Learn with Sainsbury’s and LEAF Education

Sainsbury’s is a patron of LEAF Education, the founding sponsor of Farmer Time and a principal sponsor of LEAF Open Farm Sunday. Together, we help teachers to educate students about food, farming and the environment.

Sainsbury’s Global Farm

Resources for teachers

Benefit from these curriculum linked resources suitable for primary and secondary schools.

Meet our farmers

This series of short farmer videos are mini case studies illustrating how farmers are producing food for Sainsbury’s sustainably.


Not sure about what some of the farming terminology means? Try this glossary to answer your questions from what silage is used for to how biological controls might be used.

Learn with LEAF

LEAF Education provides extensive support for schools and colleges to help young people learn about farming, food production and the environment.

Countryside classroom

Find farms to visit, and benefit from resources from many valuable contributors that help you deliver interesting and rewarding lessons.

Sustainable farming

Inspire enjoyable classroom discussions about sustainable farming and agricultural issues, with teacher notes, videos and other materials.

Farmer Time

Farmer Time brings together thousands of students with the farms that produce the food they eat. Connect your classroom with a farmer every fortnight free of charge, and gain insights into everyday farm life and sustainability practices.

Teacher training

Learn how to engage pupils with food production and the environment, and how to run interesting and safe activities that support the national curriculum.

How else can LEAF Education help?

Connect with our Regional Education Consultants to discuss how we can support you.

Work with us to develop exciting educational resources that engage students.

Arrange a class visit to a local farm to see modern farming in action.

Visit one of our demonstration farms to learn about sustainable farming practices.

Enter the National Food, Farming and Environment Competition for years 9 to 11.

Read more about the benefits of learning with LEAF Education.